The day I did a photo shoot at Abbey Road Studios!

Abbey Road Studios

In 2014 I was requested by a very high profile client to attend an event they were running at Abbey Road studios in London. This shoot epitomised why I decided to become a photographer, being able to access different places of interest around the country can be a real privilege!

This exciting shoot thankfully landed on a dry and not too chilly day. I met the 50 delegates at the studios and spent quite some time in security with all my camera kit, they are thorough and with good reason being the highest profile music studio around.

We were in “Studio one” this is the world’s largest purpose-built recording studio, this studio can comfortably accommodate a large symphony orchestra or chorus. It’s played host iconic film scores from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Empire Strikes Back and artists such as Stevie Wonder and Sting. Exciting as it was to be at Abbey Road Studios I was surprised to see how dated it looked and how all the chairs were very scruffy, I was soon to find out why…

Event photographer - Abbey Road Studios
Event photographer – Kay Ransom Photography Abbey Road Studios

The delegates spent time hearing tales of The Beatles and the history of the studios. The bit I found most interesting were the nuances of the studios that must not be changed because the well-loved acoustics of the studio would be altered forever. The strange wooden shapes on the wall (which I thought were some 70s retro design) actually shape the way the sounds form. The “scruffy chairs” were the original chairs and if they were all changed to more modern non worn ones even they would change the way the sound bounces around the studio!

The delegates went on to record a song and then headed outside to the infamous zebra crossing! Now what’s not clear from the photos I’d seen of the zebra crossing is it’s straight off a small roundabout! So where people continually cross over and pause to pose for photos, it actually causes traffic chaos in the area! A handful of delegates inevitably asked to take their picture on the crossing, so I made sure I was pretty swift!

So there we go, another day in the life of a professional event photographer.

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