Novice photographers tutorial videos

Christmas gift idea

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Are you a novice photographer who has a digital SLR and a bit hazy on how to use it?

You’ve heard of the expressions “shutter speed, aperture and ISO” but never quite got your head round how to use to them.

A good gift idea?

Would you like to watch some bitesize practical videos to help you go through these photography fundamentals step by step?

I have created five bitesize videos called the “Always Use Auto?” course. I have made the first two free, take a look and see if my way of explaining photography suits your learning needs.

Lesson 1 of the “Always Use Auto?” beginners photography course FREE LESSON
Lesson 2 of the “Always Use Auto?” beginners photography course FREE LESSON

If you do enjoy the first two videos you can unlock the last three videos for a small nominal fee, you can keep learning and complete the course! This was a course I used to teach in person during the 2008 recession and is what inspired me to film it in 2020. The feedback was always very positive and my students went on to take successful photographs of trips to Africa, the family at home and Motorsport hobbies! Your photography can continue to grow if you keep practising, being guided by a professional will help you along that pathway.

The fee for unlocking the last three lessons is on an EARLY BIRD DEAL of £15 (for the first 25 customers, this will then increase to £20), payment can be made via the paypal link below, once you have completed the payment click “return to merchant”, this will then take you to the secret page containing lessons 3, 4, and 5. If you are buying a voucher for a loved one, go ahead with the payment below and e-mail Kay to either request a physical voucher or a PDF voucher.

These videos were made during lock down and took a long time to film and edit. It’s a difficult time to be an event photographer, by purchasing the unlock code you are helping ensure this business stays afloat during the pandemic and I am eternally thankful.

I would also like to thank Amy who was my loyal assistant during the shoot of these five videos, she gave her time for free and managed to do so socially distanced as well, which in photography can be tricky! Also thank you to Nick for letting me film at the gardens.

If you like the look of Cerney House Gardens you should take a visit you’ll find them in Gloucestershire in The Cotswolds, please see their website:

I have also written an article for those of you who prefer to learn from written text:

To get in touch, please e-mail Kay or call +44 (0)7968 507196.