Time-lapse Photography

UK event photographer - Kay Ransom Photography

Have you been thinking about how creatively capture something? I provide short time time-lapse photography (e.g. 1 day or up to a week) for clients. Typically I’ve worked with corporate clients who have been setting up events and want to show the process that goes into staging such complex set ups. My previous examples I am not allowed to put online, so I’ve shared below some examples that didn’t need NDAs signing.

These videos are created using my digital SLRs. This is done by photographing 1000s of still photographs over a selected period of time, these photographs are then edited to create a final video. I tend to have two cameras on the go e.g. one in a static position covering start to finish of the process , then a second camera roams around (with me) capturing close up detail. I need to be on site to perform this service.

This is a rather moving time-lapse of the spring tide in Cornwall I made for The British Water Ski and Wakeboard Federation:


This is a time-lapse of a lily awakening, this piece was projected on one of the pillars in Hereford Cathedral as part of a floral celebration, it took me 10 days to create:

This is a fun project for a friend’s sponsorship deal, we mixed time-lapse with stop frame animation:

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