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The Light Painting Experience by Kay Ransom Photography

The Light Painting Experience

To get in touch, please e-mail Kay or call +44 (0)7968 507196.

Fancy a booking a team building, office party idea or event entertainment with something a bit different? How about trying one of my Light painting experiences!?

Prices start from £1250

Painting with light is an age old photography technique. This involves having a darkened space and lots of torches/fun props. The camera runs on a 30 sec exposure during which time the delegates work as a team or individually using the light sources to create fun pictures. The results come up straight away on the back of the camera and is exciting because every photo is different.

The client learns a new skill, work together as a team, take home the photos and a time-lapse video of their day. No prior experience is necessary and people of all ages/ abilities can take part. 

The demo/have a go package works well at a a large exhibition, event or even a Christmas do. The duration can be customised for each client. If you’d like a quote I’ll need the location, date and approximate numbers.

Core to Cloud Light Painting Experience testimonial
Core to Cloud Light Painting Experience testimonial


One of the really great things about The Light Painting Experience is the flexibility and accessibility. I’m told it can be tricky to find a fun team building event that’s not weather dependent, well good news I run this workshop inside! (Yes, it could take place on a dark evening outside, but in the UK it’s best to plan for being indoors)!

Also, I’m told it’s hard to find a team building activity that doesn’t involve running around or wearing wetsuits! Understandably lots of people are self-conscious and don’t feel comfortable in an environment such as this, (especially with colleagues). Handily, taking part in The Light Painting Experience it doesn’t matter what people wear and no physical fitness is required.

Another fantastic thing about this workshop is people of varying physical abilities can take part! As long as the space itself is accessible by people with impaired mobility, they can take part no problem!

One last brilliant thing it’s great fun for neurodivergent and neurotypical people, I really enjoy seeing how the differing brain types of people approach the tasks and flourish in the challenges!

Leaflet PDF: KayRansomPhotography-LightPaintingExperience

Light Painting Experience
Light Painting Experience packages
Ransom Light Painting
Ransom Light Painting

The feedback from these workshops has been overwhelmingly positive“The Demo/ have a go” sessions are very informal, they can host large numbers of delegates, this works well in a party environment, a networking do or any event that needs drop in entertainment (it’s one at a time, a handful can watch and can take as little as 30 secs per person, I’ve heard it described as “the new photo booth”). “The ice breaker event” is a fun team building event suitable for 6 – 40  people and lasts up to two hours, during this time the delegates really home in their light painting skills.  “The fun corporate event” I bring an assistant with a second camera so we can run two groups simultaneously (this works for around 10 – 50 people), competing head to head in a team building format to win the chocolate medals and the honour of best image! This tends to last 1.5 – 3 hours.

Packages include:

  • Demo/have a go session – a quick taster
  • The Ice Breaker event – fun corporate/evening events
  • The fun Corporate Event – includes competition/ prize / teamwork
  • To get in touch for pricing, please e-mail Kay or call +44 (0)7968 507196.

See video below for a team building workshop with Tech City Teams. 

The original launch in 2012!

A recent networking style event I ran at The Cirencester Growth Hub in 2019:

A recent team building style event I ran at The Jockey Club / Cheltenham Race Course:

“The Light Painting Experience” at The Growth Hub, Cirencester

To get in touch, please e-mail Kay or call +44 (0)7968 507196.